Tantric Massage in Amsterdam

Tantric massage is a special techniques that has been practiced by people in different regions of the world. When you feel exhausted or under the weather, the main thing you should care about is your physical, emotional and spiritual recovery. Whenever you lack energy or just need some time off, try Tantric massage in Amsterdam and you will experience its strong effect on your well-being. In this short note, we tried to expand on the history of Tantric massage, fill you in on all the nuances and explain the underlying philosophy behind this practice.



What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric practices have been originated in Berlin at the end of the 20th century. This philosophy was born when erotic massage was on the peak of its popularity. During this period, numerous massage school were introduced to the public providing clients with a wide diversity. Tantric practices differed much from the other movements since it incorporated the features of other sciences, such as neotantrism, yoga, bioenergetics and sexual therapy. The combination of these features triggers stimulation of energy in the organism, improves general well-being and positively affects the state of emotional health.

What are the Main Peculiarities of Tantric Massage?

The main specific features of Tantric massage is its philosophy. On the one hand, it is an effective massaging techniques that positively affects physical health and provides complete relaxations. On the other hand, it is a deep philosophy built on the structure of chakras. A skilled and experienced masseuse/masseur presses on certain parts of the body to open and stimulate energy zones, which have a certain impact on a person. Depending on your goal, a therapist will choose the most suitable techniques to help you reach your target.

Moreover, Tantric massage enables both a giver and a receiver to gain special satisfaction. This practice builds a certain kind of connection between the partners, which has a positive impact on their relations. While some individuals should learn how to give Tantric massage, others should learn how to receive it. To build this rapport, a masseuse needs to possess a set of knowledge and skills, which will enable them to develop professionalism.


If to sum it up, Tantric massage has the following set of peculiarities:

  1. deep chakra philosophy lies in the core of Tantric massage
  2. it combines the best of several worlds
  3. requires strong connection between a giver and a receiver
  4. involves emotional and psychological rehabilitation


The Main Types of Tantric Massage

It is quite challenging to shortlist a set of Tantric massage types. There are numerous categorizations provided by professionals working in the field. However, the most common one provides two main kinds, which can be named as follows:

  1. Taoist Tantra Massage. This type of Tantric massage has its roots in Tao philosophy. It is an ancient practice that was done by numerous aristocratic members of society. Only highly professional masseuses can give a good Taoist massage that will affect your organism in the proper way. Even people living in this region, often lack special knowledge to reach the desired effect and trigger life energy stimulation in the human organism.
  2. Kashmiri Tantra Massage. This type of Tantric massage was born from Kashmir Shaivism. The primary goal of this practice is to open all chakras, eliminate blockages and help a person to feel better in all aspects of their life. Some people might find this massage a bit intense due to applied techniques and methods.


How to Find the Best Tantric Massage in Amsterdam?

To get the most out of Tantra Massage, you should use the services of professional and certified masseuses. They are aware of all the nuances of Tantric practices, which means they can help you to choose the type of massage, listen to all your concerns and provide answers to all your questions.

There are three main ways you can use Tantric massage services in Amsterdam:

  1. go to a parlor
  2. use the services of an individual masseuses
  3. browse the net and find the catalogue


Regardless of the option you go with, make sure you read clients’ feedback, speak to a therapist before the session and speak out all your wishes. In this case, you are guaranteed to get unforgettable experience that will bring you pleasure and satisfaction!

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