Body to body Massage in Amsterdam

You’d probably agree that each of us needs a break in our hectic lives. High level of stress, overwork and health issues exhaust human organism, depriving you of vital energy to lead an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Thus, it is often essential to let your hair down and wind up for a while alone or together with your friends. There are numerous activities out there, which can help you with this task, such as fishing, hiking or simply going to the bar. However, they are all mundane and unlikely to provide you with a strong feeling of relaxation.

Erotic massage might add diversity to your daily life and substitute many of your usual activities. Apart from unique healing effect, they provide you with joyful feelings and fulfill you with energy for a long time. Body to body massage is one of the most beloved types of erotic practices. It is quite popular around the world since it bring unforgettable satisfaction to all partners involved. If you have never tried this technique or just want to discover more about it, we will provide you with all the nitty-gritty details, tell about nuances and expand on where to find the best body 2 body massage in Amsterdam


Body to Body Massage Techniques: How is it Performed?

Body to body (or sensual) massage is the type of practice that can be done for a variety of reasons. While some people are seeking relaxation, others want to enhance their intimacy and improve their intimate life. Body 2 body massage is a wonderful way to make partners closer to each other.

Nevertheless, to gain this special effect and help you to reach your goal, you need to select a professional masseuse/masseur, who will shortlist the necessary techniques tailored to your needs and wishes. Correct execution of the body to body massage is almost half of your result and satisfaction.

There are a set of variations on how body 2 body massage can be given as every therapist has their secrets. However, the following order of techniques and methods is the most common among masseuses in Amsterdam:

  1. Massaging head and shoulders
  2. Starting with feet and getting to the upper parts of the body
  3. Doing legs and upper part of the back
  4. Massaging head to improve blood circulation


All these methods are performed with the help of masseuse’s body. She gets on the table and starts moving back and forth, pressing on special zones. In such a way, the therapist evokes positive emotions and generates sexual energy in your body, which helps you to restore and get rid of blockages in the body.

Benefits of Doing Body to Body Massage

Body to body massage brings numerous advantages both to a giver and a receiver. It has a complex healing effect on the human organism as it enhances blood circulation, improves emotional state and make your mood better for a long time. Furthermore, body 2 body massage positively affects your intimate life. Your orgasm gets brighter, you learn how to get and give satisfaction, which improves relations with your partner.

All the benefits of practicing body to body massage can be summarized as follows:

  1. triggers whole-body healing;
  2. helps you to re-explore pleasure and gain new type of satisfaction;
  3. makes orgasm brighter;
  4. establishes rapport between a giver and a receiver;
  5. may serve as a foreplay;
  6. enhances blood circulation;


Where to Find the Best Body to Body Massage in Amsterdam?

Needless to say that Amsterdam is the place where all your wishes come true. This city is famous for the spirit of freedom that energizes its citizens and visitors for new endeavours. If you want to try body to body massage in Amsterdam, you have three main alternatives: going to a parlor, finding an individual masseuse or look through the catalogues on the net. Whatever way you choose, make sure you rely on professional services. In such a way, you’ll be protected from negative experience and get your pleasure and satisfaction.

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