Erotic Massage in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the place where all your boldest ideas may come alive. No matter whether you come here for entertainment, sightseeing or business purposes, everyone will find what they are looking for. Erotic massage may become a perfect addition to your trip. When you run exhausted and demotivated, it is the right time to visit a salon and get the best services in the city. If you are not acquainted with all the nuances of the good erotic massage and do not know where to find the best one, in this short article, we will provide you with all the necessary information and share the most valuable lifehacks!


What is Erotic Massage?

Erotic massage, or sensual massage, is a special type of practice that is aimed to gain or enhance sexual arousal. Initially, this technique was applied in medicine to reduce stress, improve blood circulation and help a person to develop sensitivity. Currently, the usage of erotic massage practices has gone far beyond this application. Many couples use it as a part of foreplay to add diversity to their relations. Furthermore, it can also be practiced as a type of relaxation to gain spiritual and emotional balance.

Erotic Massage Types and Their Benefits

Apart from traditional erotic massage, there are multiple types that will appeal even to the most demanding clients. Depending on your goal and individual preferences, you can choose the massage that will perfectly align with your vision and wishes. The broadest classification of erotic massage techniques includes the following types:

  1. Body to body massage
  2. Lingam massage
  3. Yoni massage
  4. Tantric massage


Body to body massage is recommended for couples, who want to add something new to their daily life. This practice allows them to get new experience, feelings and emotions. However, if you are single, don’t worry! A professional masseuses will help you to get the most out of this technique.

Lingam massage is applied to men only since it involves stimulating male intimate organ. This approach is often used as a part of therapy when clients’ have various disorders or just want to improve their sensuality. If you are a woman, we advise you to try yoni massage. This practice positively affects your organism, stimulates blood circulation and makes orgasm brighter.

Nevertheless, when you want deep dive into all the nuances of erotic massage, Tantric practices may provide you with what you were looking for. They are based on an ancient philosophy of chakras and energy circulation in the human body. Depending on your goal and desired, a skilled masseuses chooses the techniques that will eliminate all blockages in your organism and enhance your well-being. You will feel revitalized and more active after several sessions.
Among numerous advantages of the erotic massage, the following really stand out:

  1. improved sensitivity
  2. self-discovery
  3. energy stimulation
  4. diversified sexual life
  5. complete relaxation
  6. improve emotional and physical well-being


Where to Find the Best Erotic Massage Service in Amsterdam?

The quality of service is what matters a lot when it comes to providing massage services. If you use unprofessional services, you might face the risk of disappointment and spoiled first impression. That is why in order not to mess things up, we’d recommend you carry out a profound research before using the service. Overall, you have three main options when selecting the best erotic massage in Amsterdam:

  1. go to a parlor
  2. use the services of an individual masseuse
  3. browse the catalogue to look through visitors’ comments


Our website provides all the latest information about erotic massage services and places. Select the technique that best fits your needs, get to know more about the history and read about tips on how to find the most professional and beautiful masseuses!

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Erotic Massage Amsterdam

If you are going to the Netherlands, you should explore an erotic massage in Amsterdam.

You can try such types of adult massage like:

  • Sensual;
  • Tantra;
  • Lingam and Yoni;
  • Nude (Body2Body);
  • Nuru;
  • Massage for Couples and others.


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Also, find verified massage parlors in Amsterdam on map (google).